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Time to Talk Traumatic Brain injury is podcast dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors doing their best to live a healthy and productive life post injury. Created by survivors for survivors. In this podcast you will hear from from survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, and others!
Several of our podcasts are currently and will continue to feature interviews with; doctors, physiotherapists, who work in the field of brain injury and others in the medical field including occupational therapists, speech therapist and other rehabilitation experts. Most importantly the voices of actual survivors will talk about how they are dealing with living after a TBI and how it has effected their lives, their family and friends lives and the need for community support as a whole. While recovery and rehabilitation are possible, most people with moderate to severe TBI face life challenges that will require them to adapt and adjust to a new reality. Time to Talk Traumatic Brain Injury Podcast deal with that reality by speaking to real survivors and people that have lived or are living with a brain injury.

Their stories are about how they are not defined by their pain or injury. They describe how they make choices to adapt to their present circumstances to create lives of value despite pain and loss. By listening to others with familiar stories, survivors using this podcast will benefit by learning about unique ways to accept reality and diminish the fear of not being able to live a quality life.

Jul 30, 2021

Hi Listeners,

Imagine a brain injury survivor enjoying the freedom of Motorcycle riding or Jumping out of an airplane?. Exhilaration, fear, relaxation, and pleasure  with physical & emotional pleasure, with a layer of anxiety & adrenaline without the fear of injury, Impossible? Not with VR-Virtual reality.

You see VR has the potential for improving the assessment and treatment of TBI even in cases where the chances of recovery appear poor. Thus, with a little imagination and creativity, VR tools and homemade studios can exploit the terrific potential of this technology in TBI patients.

Check out one of our brain injury survivors sitting at our man made virtual station while enjoying a VR motorbike ride (included attachment). High definition screen, fan, goggles, music and lots of smiles.

Start your engines.....